10 Years + $420K = 1 Ah-May-Zing Shuffle!

Our community of love came together to commemorate RMH’s 10th Anniversary Red Shoe Shuffle. We shared 10 important reasons of why we honor this decade milestone. You embraced each and every one – as if it were the only one – helping us finish strong and raising over $420,000 – the most money ever in Shuffle history! Check out our team celebrating the big announcement moment above and, if you missed our Facebook Live broadcast or just want to see it again, you can still watch it.

And just as important, you supported our $10,000 Matches, participated in our 10-Day Challenge, and over 1,600 of you took to the pavement to Shuffle on Saturday within your own communities, many tuning in to Facebook Live for a special half hour of Love. You are absolutely amazing, we are humbled by your support, and couldn’t be more grateful. Take a look at our photo album for lots of pictures from the day (see if you can find yourself)!



Finally, you let our families know they will always be taken care of in their toughest times and, this past year, you have proven that over and over. We are excited to share with you our progress towards acquiring a new Shuttle to transport our families around town in the next few months. Until then, we hope you will celebrate with us and know how much our RMH families and team THANK YOU for always being there!

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