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Join Our Legacy of Love Society

With a little planning and a big heart you can provide a home-away-from-home for the children and families of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maryland today and for years to come! Join the Legacy of Love Society and secure the future of RMH by including us in your estate plans today.

Whether you would like to put your donation to work today, leave a legacy to support families in the future, or both, we can help you find a charitable plan that meets your financial and philanthropic goals. Together, we can keep children and families close to one another and the life-saving medical care they need.

Many of our supporters choose to create planned gifts to provide sustained support to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Maryland. Planned giving is a great opportunity to secure your legacy and support the children and families of RMH— and it often comes with great personal and financial benefits!

Watch this video below for more information:

The easiest way to create a planned gift is by including a bequest to RMH in your estate plan. Bequests cost nothing to give today, but will support children and families in need for future generations. By pledging a bequest commitment today you will ensure the future of RMH and provide years of hope, love and healing for thousands of children and families.

We have partnered with FreeWill, to provide a free, online tool to help you easily create a will. Write your legal will in 20 minutes or less and while doing so consider leaving a planned gift to the Ronald McDonald House. FreeWill can be used with an attorney, and can help you include the necessary language to create your planned gift. Get started on your free will here.

If you’ve already included Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maryland in your estate plan, please fill out this form to let us know! We’d love to thank you for your generosity and formally invite you to our Legacy of Love Society.

If you’re 70.5 or older, IRA giving is a powerful way to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities Maryland, while saving on your taxes! IRA gifts can reduce your future tax burden and contribute to your Required Minimum Distribution. This online tool highlights the benefits of IRA giving — and if you’re ready to make an impact, helps you make your gift in just a few minutes. Learn more and get started here.

Krystina Wales, Red Shoe Crew member:

After having my kids, I knew it was imperative for my husband and I to have a will. Time got away from us and we couldn’t afford to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to put one together. Ronald McDonald House Maryland reached out at the perfect time with the Freewill service. Freewill was simple and effective. It took you step-by-step through the process in an accessible and user-friendly format. I felt confident all our desires were laid out clearly and boldly. I am committed in this life to supporting families who need RMH for services, so it only seemed natural to ensure some of the wealth I am fortunate enough to accrue in my lifetime would go to support them past my last breath.

Lindsay Melvin, Red Shoe Crew member:

My experience with Freewill was incredibly simple. The site is easy to navigate. The process was straightforward and the site gives you the option to conveniently notify nominees and share your documents with your loved ones.

I chose to leave a bequest to RMH because I believe that the best way to honor your life is to give back to the places or people who have helped you live a life full of love, joy, purpose and meaning. RMH is and always will be a very special place to me and I am eternally grateful for the lessons and love I’ve received from the house.

I recently lost my grandmother and it got me thinking a lot about legacies and the pressure we put on ourselves to live without regrets and to truly make a difference. I think your legacy lies within the lessons you pass on and the love you give. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life and hope to pass on to future generations is that true happiness and meaning in your life doesn’t come from what you have or what you’ve accomplished, it comes from what you give and how you help others. Being a volunteer and Red Shoe Crew member at the Ronald McDonald house has brought more joy and meaning to my life than I could have ever imagined. Every single dinner/event/visit leaves me with so much appreciation for life and love for the families. The gratitude I have for the staff at RMH and the relationships I’ve built with families over the years are the reasons that I will continue to support this incredibly special place. <3

Mari Verrecchia- DeLonde, Women’s Committee member:

It was very easy using FreeWill to include The Ronald McDonald House of Maryland in my estate plans. They walked me through the steps and I was able to assign my beneficiaries and designate the distribution of my assets. I know if I would like to make any changes in the future, I can go into FreeWill and make the adjustments. It brings me great comfort knowing that after I’m gone, the causes that mean the most to me will continue to be supported.

Have more questions about planned giving or FreeWill? Email Emily Zikorus or call 410-528-1010 x 115.