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Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Treena!

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at RMH, so we’d like to shine a spotlight on the amazing people who make our work possible. Meet Treena!

What do you typically do when volunteering at RMH?

I have been volunteering at RMH for almost 8 years. My official title is Kitchen Concierge, which means I come to the House every Wednesday night and assist the amazing volunteers who come to prepare dinner for the families. I answer their questions and give tours if it’s their first time at the House and I make sure they have an enjoyable experience while they are volunteering. I also get to interact with the guest families and get to know them. It’s my favorite position! I also volunteer at the Red Shoe Shuffle, the RMH/Deborah Paterakis Golf Classic, the Hamburgala, and basically whatever is needed. I love helping RMH because of the mission!

What is your favorite memory from volunteering at RMH?

I have so many amazing memories but one of my favorite people I’ve met is a former RMH mom who lost her daughter a few years ago. This mom comes to the House twice a year—on her daughter’s birthday and on the anniversary of her death—to prepare a Chipotle inspired meal for the families, in honor of her beautiful daughter’s memory. Seeing her courage, strength, passion and love, despite her family’s tragedy is inspiring and the reason I continue to show up every Wednesday! 

Handy Dandy Tips

While food prices are starting to even out, we’re still experiencing some sticker shock at the grocery store. To help off-set some of the cost of feeding the RMH families, we have a couple of new community partners who are offering discounts or even free products to RMH meal program volunteers!

First Fruit Farms: is a non-profit farm that grows, harvests, and donates all of their produce to partner organizations. RMH volunteers can pick up FREE fresh fruits and vegetables at their farm in Freeland, Maryland on the 4th Saturday of every month, from 7am until 11am. The produce varies, depending on what is in season. You can contact them directly to find out what they have available so you can plan your menu!

Blinkert’s German Meats is offering RMH volunteers wholesale prices on all of their store products! You can either order ahead for pickup or go into the store to let them know you are an RMH volunteer.

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