We Made Shuffle History!

What a day! What a beautiful, magical, happy, impactful, record-breaking day! Mother Nature smiled on the love and community that is the Red Shoe Shuffle.

2,700 Shufflers… 70 RMH former and current RMH children and families… 200 volunteers… 40 sponsors and over $450k raised for the Kids. We could not be prouder or more grateful for the incredible outpouring of support yesterday. This truly is the House that Love Built.

One of the things that struck me most was when one of our RMH Moms, who had lost a child recently, told me that by being there she, “felt like I am celebrating my daughter instead of mourning her.” Thank YOU for making that happen, and thank you all again for always celebrating life, love, and the power of community. You are compassion in action, and you are love in motion.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Red Shoe Shuffle! We are proud to recognize some of the award winners from this year’s race:

Highest Fundraising Team – Team Big Hearts (led by Treena Clampitt)
Highest Individual Fundraiser – Lauren Olean
Largest Team – Team Big Hearts (led by Treena Clampitt)
Check out all of the Individual Fundraisers and Fundraising Teams.

Congratulations to our male/female Shuffle Winners, John Ford and Lindsey FordSee all Runner Results.

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